When I first wrote about Clippy, I liked it but I thought it’s usefulness was somewhat limited. However, its been improving bit by bit over time.  Something they added a while back is a feature called the ‘Clipboard Stack’.  It did not hit me right off, but one night I was filling out my login information for the 1 billionth time, and thought, wait a min.. I could put that in the Clippy clip board.  Then it struct me I could put all the stuff I use over and over on the board.  So I put a few things in and right off the bat, it has become one of those (why is this NOT part of the OS?) applications.  It will make my top 10 jailbreak apps easily, ‘course, I have to decided what is going to drop off.

This is pretty easy to use. Open notepad to a blank page.  Type in a word or a phrase and tap on ‘copy’.  Try to choose as your first word or phrase the one you would use most.  If you were to press the ‘paste’ button this first word at the top of the stack will be selected.  Normally I always select ‘stack’ and then choose the word I want.  Simple eh?  So no, its not pure cut and paste, but in a way, its better. 


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