There is a good reason SBSettings is Ichiban for my 10 ten best iphone apps list, I use it daily.  Really.. Daily!  Mostly turning the 3G off and on. When 3G is on at my place, my odds of missing a call climbs to 20%. Well, whats really great about this app is other people can write buttons for it.  Now I do not have all possible buttons downloaded, but there are 3 I just love.

1) Kill process (cnt-alt-del for us windows users):  For whatever reason, the app store and browser sometimes lock up on me.  Although lately, the browser just closes. So when I do get a lock up, I do not have to reboot the phone, I simply call up SBSettings, select the skull and crossbones (very cool icon choice) and kill the process.  Sweet.  I’ve also started using this to kill the iPod process when not in use.

2) Auto correct: Pretty clear right?  Mostly if I’m going to do a long tweet, which means lots of abbreviation.

3) Brightness. (I think this is part of the standard load) By actively controlling the brightness to only be as bright as needed, you extend the battery life quite a bit.  If I know I’m to keep the iphone on for a long time, like driving where I need to look over now and again for directions, this is a battery life saver.

TBL) Although I do not have it loaded right now, I will later tonight, there is a button to keep the phone from going to sleep.  Useful for driving mostly.


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