We all know that the camera on the iphone is about as poor as it gets.  Basically its the same thing I had in my treo600/650. I’ve learn to accept this and move on with life.  Well, seems like someone was not willing to take this laying down and did something about it. In comes ClearCam.  I just loaded it last night off Cydia and then did a few test shots today.  Its not going to reinvent photography on the iphone, but it does make a difference.  The way it seems to work is to take 6 shots in rapid succession and then using tiling and comparative techniques, to sharpen and enlarge the image.  So instead of a 2M image, you get a 4M image.  The difference is not massive, but you can tell.  Have a look at these two images zoomed in.

clearcam_zoom_norm clearcam_zoom_enhan

The difference may not look all that great, but if you click on each image and view them full size, you can see it’s sharper and has less noise.

Now have a look at these two..

clearcam_desk_norm clearcam_desk_enhan

In this case, the image actually ‘seems’ to be brighter despite being taken only 5 min apart.  Take a careful look at the batteries to the right.  The difference in sharpness is most acute here.  I may reshoot this because there is not reason I can figure for it to be brighter.  We’ll see if I get around to it.

The app is only for jailbroken phones at the moment, and even then you only get a 15 day trial, but the cost is around $10 if I remember correctly,  so a pretty good deal I would say.  Go get it… now..

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