Bummer, I have not reviewed an app for awhile, mostly because I’ve been very busy with twittfilter (www.twittfilter.com) and there has not been anything new that really caught my attention.. Until I say ‘SaveMyDocs’

The idea is to use javascript to allow you to save a web page into a variety of formats that you can download.  Seems like a pretty good idea.  I can think of a few times I would like to save a page as hard copy for ready on Bart or other times I know I will not have web access.

Now the downside..  It did not work.  The instructions are simple enough, create a bookmark starting with javascript.  When you want to save a web page, simply click on the bookmark. Unfortunately, I get a ‘Cannot Open Page’ error from safari.

I’m going to play with this a bit more, quadruple check the address.  Else, time to move on.  Have anyone else tried this and got it to work?

To add the SaveMyDocs bookmarklet follow this steps:

  1. Open iPhone’s Safari and go to www.eduzapps.com
  2. Add it to the Bookmarks, name it SaveMyDocs
  3. Edit the bookmark you just have added
  4. Erase the beginning of the address, it must start with javascript:
  5. Done!

If you cannot see the video the bookmarklet complete address is: javascript:window.location.href=’saveme://’+window.location.href;

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