I know I said I was not going to bother upgrading to 2.2, but the geek blood that flows just cannot resist trying it out and seeing what will happen. That and I feel this certain journalistic responsibility to find out for my readers… (hope this feeling goes away soon 🙂

So I thought I would record my steps as I prep my 2.1 pwned phone to 2.2, then re jailbreak it again. Again, I want to caution you, anytime you do anything outside of the normal, approved, dictated processes that have been outlined by Apple, you are taking chances, so if you are averse to risk, follow Nancy Reagan’s advice and ‘just say no’.  Right, so on with it..

First off, you need to remember that when you update your phone, you will lose anything that has to do with jailbreak. Everything you installed, set up, or customized will be gone.  It will not be backed up. (This was one of the reasons I was not going to bother in the first place). I have a few apps on my phone that could mess up the standard backup, specifically categories and SBSettings. So, if you have categories, make sure you empty them out of all icons so that everything is on the phone’s ‘desktop’.  If you have apps in SBSetting, takes those out too.  Just in case.

Ok, next, get all you data off the phone that is not backed up for you.  In my case, its movies from Cycoder.  here are a few tools you can use..

Next, open Cydia and write down the apps that you added, or take a screen shot of those too.  Some Cydia apps, like SBSetting and triple click do not have icons, so just noting all the icons is not good enough.  You may want to also note other Cydia sources that you put in manually.

If you are lazy, as I am, take a screen shot off all the apps on your phone just so you know what got installed and what did not.  Should be interesting to see what does and does not work after this update. (you do not know how to take a screen shot?  Gezz.. Ok, read this.. 🙂

Connect your phone and perform a full update on 2.1  Go get a beverage. When its done, make sure your screen shots got synced.  If you are paranoid, copy the images to another folder.

OK, now go ahead and close itunes, disconnect the iphone, reconnect the iphone, and reopen itunes.  It should ask you to upgrade to 2.2.  If not, you can manually do it via the menu by selecting iTunes -> Check for Updates.  Click though the pop ups and start the process… Ok, now get a snack to go with your beverage, this will take a LONG time. Took me about 25min to install.  It will restart the phone automatically.  Just let it be..

….Hmmm got that steve jobs saying ‘hello’ in Russian again. Whatever…

When its all done, you should be on iphone OS 2.2 with everything restored; apps, music, email accounts, etc…  I went though and checked most of my apps and they seem to work fine.  I also did a quick check to see how it takes to bring up igoogle.  4 to 5 seconds.  Before the update it was 6-7 seconds

So, everything seems in order… now time to jailbreak it!

I downloaded the latest .dmg for the Mac from here.. Make sure you get the correct tool.  If you are not sure, read this..

Ok, From here just follow the bouncing ball. We are on a Mac here, but Windows is about the same process.  Open up the dmg which should create QuickPwn for you.  Click on that and follow the instructions. Details on that here from 2.1, but they are the same steps..

Read it!!!!!

Ok, don’t let this step freak you out.  Its simple enough.  You will hold the top button (power) and the home button at the same time for 5 seconds.  Then release ONLY the top button.  Keep holding the home button.

Why not?  I like it better then Apple logo actually.

I you see this.. Things are going well.. 🙂

If everything went well, you should be greeted by a cute, reassuring kitteh letting you know all is right with the world.  Congrats!  You are jailbroken..  Now what??  Well if this is your first time, get some apps.

Tomorrow or the next day I will post my MUST haves for any jailbreaker.

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