Well, one day to go.  Tomorrow will be nuts with crowds and I will bet all kinds of odd things going on.  What is different this year is social media and the tools, especially hand held remotely connected devices, that can record and report from anywhere at anytime.

As such, there are three tools you should have on your iphone tonight.

1) Polis.  There are a number of real time election reporting iphone apps out there.  This was the only free one I could find. It looks pretty good.  I will have this on hand as I stand in line tomorrow to vote. Yes, I know its old fashion to vote on Tuesday, but there is something traditional about it that I enjoy.

2) Vote Report. This is a iphone front end to provide info to twitter. http://twittervotereport.com/ I do not see any statical info short of the google map.

{UPDATE}  They do have what I wanted to see.  Check out this link. http://plodt.com/votereport

3) Qik or Flixwagon. This provides live video to each respected site. Most likely I will be using Qik. You need jailbreak (pwn) for this.  If you are not jailbroken, at least take pics.

I hope the rain stops tomorrow. 🙂