Seems like everyone is getting iphones now a days including my brother.  At least around here.  An iphone is not for everyone and pretty soon I will post up a list of reasons NOT to get an iphone.. But this post is about something he just bought. Its a doc for the iphone with a remote control.

It seemed cool enough, except it did not come with a cable. Still, I placed my phone in there and it seems to be working.  I already have a clock radio that plays my iphone, but I could see wanting to connect it to my proper stereo system and be able to control it remotely.  So I did some shopping..   And this is what I found.

This system has usb, and av cables.  The cool bit is the remote control. It seems to charge via the cradle and it displays the sounds similar to the old ipod.  This should be interesting.

I just ordered it today.  I got it though ebay and its paid for in AUD.  I think it will be around $14 US when its all said and done.  I’ll blog as soon as it comes in. 🙂

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