There have been plenty of rumors about the iPhone 4.0 release (and hardware not withstanding) I would say it was about 50/50 on accuracy.  Course the big question, how long till jailbreak??  🙂  Too soon people, too soon. Multi-tasking: The one thing everyone was expecting … and we got, (kinda).  Of everything announce for iPhone… Read More

A challenger appears!!  The Great Tablet War continues.  Apple was the first major player on the field and completely destroyed all competitors to the point that we cannot even remember their names…  But that dominance will only hold for so long. On Engadget (who else) we have a leak of the new HP Slate.  And… Read More

There is no question that the iPhone has been an amazing success and only its At&T appendage has slowed it down from even further adoption. As great as the hardware is, just as much if not more of the credit has to go to the OS. Even after 2 years the iPhone OS is still… Read More

At least, this is coming from the rumor mills. I point to Gizmodo for my source.. But it makes sense to me. Getting flash to work well on your OS is not all that easy, and given how far behind window mobile keeps slipping, I would bet they dropped it (and a few other things)… Read More

To no big surprise, the IPAD does not seem to be catching fire as apple had hoped and as such, price drop is already being thrown around. One mostly hears dropping the price by $50 to $75.   I’m not sure that is going to be enough. In a past post, I said that perhaps $300… Read More

We pick up in the war after the CrunchPad came and went, various ‘tablets’ from other manufactures have taken up position on the field.  Apples iPad is the first heavy into battle, and with great surprise, not to much effect.  The general reception to the iPad has been even at best.  Now comes Googles tablet,… Read More

The storm clouds over CES in Las Vegas have been gathering as the Apple, Google, Microsoft and the loosely unified free states prepare for war.  Even though we know Apple will not make their announcement till Jan 26, they will leaks bits and bobs to counter the other slate warriors from having the field TOO… Read More

When I called the beginning of the tablet war in Aug, (tablet war postings) I fully expected that we would see 2 early players out the gate, TechCrunches ‘Crunch Pad’ and some sort of Android tablet, to be followed by Apple then MicroSoft. In face, I expected that Arrington would be sitting back with a… Read More

Om Malik from GigaOm started a rumor (and I only say rumor to be safe) that Mozilla is planning something for the iphone. Now the first thought is; “Hey!  Firefox on the iphone! ” Yeah.  As sweet as that would be, and you bet it would be sweet because the browsing experience on the iphone… Read More

So what does that mean?  Well in short, the exploit that has been used in the rain series is now closed.  Basically the new crop of iphones you get off the shelf cannot be jailbroken.  This includes BlackRa1n if I understand the TechCrunch article correctly. (I still need to research this a bit more). If… Read More

I’ve heard this rumor a few times before, but given the recent uptick in AT&T complaints, and a seemingly upper growth cap on iphones, I can see it.  And I really hope so.  I have already complained many times about the poor service in SOMA in the SF area. Here is the part of Piper… Read More

Check it here. Oh its on!  Check this post from TC.. “The tablet will rock a 5-inch 800×480 screen that plays back 720p content natively. And lest we forget, the Archos 5 Internet Tablet (that’s what they’re calling it on the AppsLib site) will have an HDMI out and comes with natively embedded OpenGL libraries.”… Read More

The war has not started yet, but the armies are gathering their forces.  Apple is building a tablet based off the iphone OS and the rest of the world will be using Android. So how what will the first skirmish look like? Based on the last known rumors, we have a coming Apple tablet that… Read More

{update} Well, seems like we WILL get a flash!  Wow. 🙂  Updated post on the iPhone4 here… Lots of chat about the 4G, each place I’ve checked out for info seems to read like rumor.  Lots of images out there too.  Here is one that was emailed to me.. Its pretty certain Verizon will be… Read More