just read this on http://www.pocketgamer.biz/r/PG.Biz/App+Store/news.asp?c=30179. Have not confirmed. Continuing a pattern triggered by consumer criticism over ‘accidental purchases’ of virtual goods in games such as Capcom’s Smurfs’ Village in late 2010, Apple is set to tighten its in-app purchase policy again. According to developer sources, new apps being submitted to the App Store will limit… Read More

Many of us really thought the next iphone, the 5 would be a 4G i.e. LTE. Well, seems that comments from  Apple COO Tim Cook, who said that “first generation of LTE chipsets force a lot of design compromises,”  during the Apple’s earnings conference call on Wednesday. Well, sounds like this is about as accurate… Read More

Most of you will not know what this reference is about, but if you are a Trekkie, then its a pre celebration day, because 52 years from today, we will have first contact with the Vulcans, our first recorded and verified contact with an alien race.  There is even a facebook page set up for… Read More

I have a number of people call me up and ask what I thought about Fukushima reactor and what it mean to people in Hawaii and California.  ‘Why are you asking me?”  “Hey you have a Ph.D. and worked at NASA right?”  Sigh.. I don’t know much more then anyone else about radiation, but I… Read More

WTH?  According to VentureBeat, seems that AT&T has been sending letters out to subscribers of MiWi, a jailbreak app that allows tethering of multiple machines to you iPhone. I use PDANet and have not seen such a letter yet, but I’m keeping my eyes out.  The letter basically states that if you use a non… Read More

Wait a sec.. So the new iphone mini, which will be smaller iphone physically will also have something else that is smaller.. memory. As in no on-board storage.  A cloudphone. Ok. So basically all  your contacts, email, photos, music will be stored in the cloud and access able via At&T edge?  When you can get… Read More

I got my phone today.  There was not much of a line ( I had mine pre arraigned so I did not wait in line; although I did have to wait). If you want to get a phone, odds are you will be able to find one.  You may not find it at the first… Read More

I have no proof of this but it should work…   You can go to the Verizon store right now and by a cheap clam shell phone for $30 that has $10 of service on it.  Now why would I do that? In general Verizon is considered to have the best coverage of all the networks… Read More

Not a shock but still..  Google have pulled direct support for the h.264 (AVC) video codec that Apple has been pushing and Microsoft has go along with. This was Apples answer to Flash video.  However, the h.264 codec is not free, a fee has to be paid to the MPEG LA.  The WebM codec now… Read More

Just saw this on Venturebeat. Seem the rumor mill is putting the release of the Verizon iphone at Feb3.  Makes sense.  Supporting the rumor is the fact that Apple has blacked out vacation days between the 3rd and 6th and that Verizon normally launches on a Thursday. Also, I have not heard anything making me… Read More

I read a post from Dean Takahashi at VentureBeat that a hacker called pod2g has hacked iOS4.1.  However, I would not upgrade to 4.1 until something official comes from Dev-team and on last check there is nothing yet but a warning NOT to update to 4.1. And really readers I have been saying this for… Read More

Yes, things are only getting worse for window mobile 7.  First they suffer from delay after delay, then win tons of friends in the dev community by saying that basically all window mobile apps will have to be rewritten for winmob7 (and lets bypass the cumbersome process to even set up to write for the… Read More

Actually, I’m kind of surprised its taking this long. I figured someone would have taken android version and did a hack/port a few months, back, but I guess I’m getting spoiled with seeing hacks and jailbreaks coming out in days. Still, from what I’ve heard, there is a good proof of concept out there. The… Read More

This is SERIOUSLY rumor control, but I’ve read on electronista and a few other sites that Apple may change the iphone4.0 SDK to avoid a possible FTC antitrust investigation. Now this does not mean flash will be on the iphone or ipad any time soon, or anytime I figure short of going through jailbreak, but… Read More