Wait a sec.. So the new iphone mini, which will be smaller iphone physically will also have something else that is smaller.. memory. As in no on-board storage.  A cloudphone. Ok. So basically all  your contacts, email, photos, music will be stored in the cloud and access able via At&T edge?  When you can get it?  I’m calling BS on this one.

However moving much (not all) of the storage to the cloud AND letting people use microSD’s.  So what are REALLY the core things you need on your phone?  Contacts. I have to be able to use the phone as a phone and keeping a record of recent calls and my address book is pretty important. Can I live without the images of my contact to save memory, yes, I can do that.  SMS.  Sorry, I have to have that on record as well. The last 5 messages is enough though, I do not need the whole conversation. Email.  THIS I need and here we can be talking about some memory demand. But again, if we just stored the title and perhaps the first 150 words for each message, I can live with it.

So as far as CORE things I need on my iphone, we are not talking about a lot of memory.  But its the apps that really made the phone popular and to force people to be on wifi or in a 3G or 4G area to use apps will not work. However, if we have access to more storage on a card, then this could be a non issue because the customer buys the memory and as much memory as they need. Also what happens when I want to take a picture or a movie and I do not have 3G?  I cant do it?  Right.

No, I think the latest rumor that the iphone mini will be a cloud based only phone is off, but I CAN see many thing moving to the could as long as a memory slot is offered.  Without that slot?  Umm.. I’m going to have to say we could have a phone that is going to really piss users off.

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