The Wall Street Journal reported that Google Watch is just a few months away as they reach out to Chinese manufactures.  They also supported the rumor it will run Android integrated with Google Now.  Makes sense of course.  They have been working on Google Now for a while, have it working with Google Glass, so… Read More

Wait a sec.. So the new iphone mini, which will be smaller iphone physically will also have something else that is smaller.. memory. As in no on-board storage.  A cloudphone. Ok. So basically all  your contacts, email, photos, music will be stored in the cloud and access able via At&T edge?  When you can get… Read More

So what does that mean?  Well in short, the exploit that has been used in the rain series is now closed.  Basically the new crop of iphones you get off the shelf cannot be jailbroken.  This includes BlackRa1n if I understand the TechCrunch article correctly. (I still need to research this a bit more). If… Read More

We all know about Apples ‘Rumored’ tablet and the Archos Android Tablet, and even TechCrunch has one.  Well, a new rumor from Gizmodo (images and video) has hit the interwebs.  MicroSoft has a new tablet!  Now this seems like a lot of vaperware, but assuming it runs Onenote, it could be pretty cool. I like… Read More

I’ve heard this rumor a few times before, but given the recent uptick in AT&T complaints, and a seemingly upper growth cap on iphones, I can see it.  And I really hope so.  I have already complained many times about the poor service in SOMA in the SF area. Here is the part of Piper… Read More

The war has not started yet, but the armies are gathering their forces.  Apple is building a tablet based off the iphone OS and the rest of the world will be using Android. So how what will the first skirmish look like? Based on the last known rumors, we have a coming Apple tablet that… Read More

Begin rumor control… Just read this USAToday… Verizon (VZ) and Apple (AAPL) are discussing the possible development of an iPhone for Verizon, with the goal of introducing it next year, people familiar with the situation say. Really?  Wow.  And the buzz I was hearing the last few days with that Apple was quite happy with… Read More

Actually, I’m not sure I should even call this a rumor.  I mean why not?  I do not think youTube has a contract or anything that would incourage Apple to keep them out.. so I say Hurraa and speed it up! From the webware site:   Silicon Alley Insider is reporting that a dedicated Hulu application is indeed… Read More

rumor control alert!!…. Just read in engadget that Apple is bowing to the pressure of Android and has agreed to work with Adobe to put Flash on the iphone. <rumor> ..Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen has revealed that Apple and Adobe are “collaborating” on making Flash a reality on the iPhone.. </rumor> Not too many details… Read More did a quick post on the rumors of what 2.2 will have and mentioned Google street view. Unless Google does something to mess Apple up, it would only make sense that it would.  Here are my reasons why I’m going to bet on it.. 1) Android already has it. Although I cannot see Apple… Read More