Last week I talked about how near 30% of current ebook owners would have bought the iPad if it had been available. Well, another study from arstechnica states that %4o of blackberry users will go to a smart phone when their contract is up.. Many of them going to the iphone.  Its pretty clear that… Read More

So let me count how many people are surprised by this… Show of hands??   Hmmm just you in the back?  Work for Microsoft?  Yea, ok figured.  Just a quick look around San Francisco and you can see the number of Android phones are starting to make enough of an impression that they are starting to… Read More

Augmented reality apps on mobile has been news off and on over the last few months. There are have been a series of cool apps, and I even posted part of an article I write for iphoneLife here. But even with the parade of cool new apps, we have only just touched on the possibilites. … Read More

What if you were in a bar, and someone showed you an iPhone and said it was only 25 pounds?  AND then the things actually worked?? As well as common IPhone apps?  Well, clearly its a rip off copy, but still.. the things was working!!  And running Java on top of that?  Well according to… Read More

That’s right, carry that 3D animated character around with you!  Course, this is not a real tattoo, but instead just good pen work, but really, you do not need much graphic skilz. Although viewing AR through graphic code recognition is still in its infancy, its coming into play fast, and with the new crop of… Read More

At least, this is coming from the rumor mills. I point to Gizmodo for my source.. But it makes sense to me. Getting flash to work well on your OS is not all that easy, and given how far behind window mobile keeps slipping, I would bet they dropped it (and a few other things)… Read More

I like this.  As soon as I saw the first frame on the video on the new “Else Intuition” interface I understood what this new concept was about and how much sense it makes.  If you are using your device with one hand, which happens A LOT, it only makes sense to use the general… Read More

I have not tried sportyPal just yet (its not out for the iphone), but I will this week on my Android and update this post if anything surprises me. {UPDATE}  The iphone version is out.  Try it here. Basically, it seem to be like most of the other bicycle computers for mobile phones (devices)… Read More

I was not a big fan of Bump because I do not like the way  I have keep track of who I contacted and the I could only connect with other iPhone users.  Well that’s over.  I just read this on TC,in addition to some cool new features like better Facebook integration and something called… Read More

Now unless you have been living under a rock, or you are a rock, in which you are fully excuse from knowing about this game changer.  Google is now providing turn by turn navigation on enabled mobile devices for free.  That means any smart phone that has GPS and Interwebs connection will most likely be… Read More

I wrote this as a companion piece for an article that may show up in the next issue of iphoneLife, but I thought I would include it here and now since AR is getting more relevant.  Also, one of the things I said NEEDS to part of the AR toolkit for iphone (mobile) got a… Read More

This is great news, and WAY faster then I expected it.  Right now, there is not a solution for real time collaboration for mobile devices, and given limitations of screen real estate , memory and CPU power, its not surprising.   The great part about flash, is how easy it is to build modules and swap… Read More

Straight from the web site!  I will update as I learn more. * I just tried one of the apps, and it works great.  And that is not surprising because is coco, but still, anytime you go from one language to another there are risks.  But so far, so good. 3 of the demo apps… Read More

It always seem to be the way with smart phones isnt it?  Just read in Gizmodo of a hack that will give you 320×480 resolution video at 30fps.  Sweeet.  And have a look at the video below.  Nice.  So what does this mean?  Well, depending on the GPS abilities of the Pre we could (perhaps)… Read More

I have not hidden the fact I have complaints with the iphone and AT&T, but all in all, I still regard the iPhone as the best smart phone out there.  Till just recently.. I have the Android HTC from the Google show, but I have only played with it off and on.  Lately, AT&T service… Read More

I cannot believe, given how far we have come in social media and community involvement that Palm fails to recognize the value of a strong ‘PRO PALM’ community.  From Scott via slashdot “… The preDevCamp started as a community-driven effort designed to mirror the iPhoneDevCamp based on the new “Pre” product announced by Palm. Unfortunately,… Read More