That’s right, carry that 3D animated character around with you!  Course, this is not a real tattoo, but instead just good pen work, but really, you do not need much graphic skilz. Although viewing AR through graphic code recognition is still in its infancy, its coming into play fast, and with the new crop of 1gig phones already on the market, its coming faster then you think, perhaps on the iphone4.0?

Now the next step is to have your 3D character evolved over time. What the viewing device would do is look at your Symbol and find your 3D character, and not only display it, but interact with it.  And remember those interactions! The only problem here is, EVERYONE would need a unique symbol!  For now, the only solution is to have the viewing device go to a website where your symbol is registered and select it that way, but how cool would it be if somehow we could get that address into the symbol itself!  AR standards?? Hello?  😉

Now, check out the video, again, nothing new as far as technology goes, just plain geeky goodness.

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