Caution! Arrgg.. This will be a total rant post. <rant>  WTF Microsoft??  I was asked to build a simple application for windows mobile 7.  No prob.  Its been out long enough that I would think all the bugs are out.  Its a simple enough app, whip this guy out in 2 weeks top.  Right.. So… Read More

This is a really good idea and I’m kind of surprised no has done this yet.  The basic premise is to detect drastic scene changes in your video and mark that change as a break or a chapter in the over all video.  Then you would have a list of breaks, replete with thumbnails, that… Read More

(Note: this post is a living document) As recently as 6 months ago, this would be a silly question. The general rule is that you always build on Apples iOS first then Android second, then other OS’s later. Assuming you have the skills or people to choose what to build for, the common thinking is… Read More

We have the first look at the HP TouchPad running WebOS and from what I heard (no I was not there) it’s great! Snappy! Well designed! Great Multitasking! Works seamlessly with the new Pre 3 and other WebOS phones! … I dont care. We not ‘ME’; I’m actually dieing to get my hands on one… Read More

This is pretty interesting.  Ebay has a new feature to make buying and seeing of used (and new ) iPhone easier.  You basically select the phone you want to buy its condition, and the carrier and you can buy  if someone has placed a advert for that phone.  Now what is different is the filtering… Read More

Talk about an epic day.  Seems this coming weekend will be a battle between not Only AT&T (to stop the bleeding) Verizon to speed it up, but also T-Mobile to get in to some of the blood bath as well. Some of the details are not clear, like do you have to pay first and… Read More

So many press releases before MacWorld.  This is pretty cool.  You can secure your phone to only allow access behind a firewall if the phone is at pre approved locations.  Nice.  Check out the release.. Mobile Active Defense (M.A.D. Partners, LLC) announces the release of its patent-pending mobile firewall and contents filtering mechanisms that enforce… Read More

Just got an iPad eh?  But did not get the 3G version?  Thats ok right? Just connect to WIFI.  But if you do have has WIFI when your travel?   Well, there’s an iPhone app for that.  Jailbroken of course. I wrote about using GPS on your ipad a few months back.  To use GPS you… Read More

So today Sprint has taken the Pre out of the store. Yes you can still find them in the Verizon store, but for $50 and $30 respectively with a two year plan. Not exactly getting the big demand. And what killed the Pre? Not the OS. The WebOS is actually pretty good and HP paid BIG bucks for it thinking it could be used for tablets, or slates. The hardware was not all that great, but not that bad either. No what killed it is no one wants to write apps for it.… Read More

Ok, so we know Windows is going to push Phone 7 and looks like RadioShack is on board pushing the Samsung Focus, HTC, HD7 and the LG Quantum.  The Samsung and the LG are running AT&T while the HTC is running T-Mobile.  Its far to early to know about rooting the phone to swap cards… Read More

We all saw the report yesterday that windows phone 7 sales on release day were not that great. around 45,000 of not that great.  But it does not really matter. When I was looking at the phone I was not too impressed.  And in fact amused that it still, 30 days before launch, had bugs… Read More

Its called the iphone Table (table.connect), pretty logical, and basically you connect your iphone to a cable and (for now) pull up a dedicated app and them boom! You have your iphone on this monster table! And the table responds to touch. … Read More

Got a cool iphone / Android / Palm / Windows / Apple Newton app?  Have a cool idea for an app but need a reason to get off your rear and finish it?  Well check this out.. FREE ENTRY FOR 3 DEVELOPERS As of today we just launched a Twitter competition offering waived application fees to 3 talented… Read More

The Kin was DOA for almost everyone who reviewed it.  It was basically a low feature, low capability smart phone that was not that smart, nor much of a phone, and yet still had the same cost of a phone. You HAVE to imagine that even the brain dead at MS mobile knew this was… Read More

Today we got the Samsung wave test unit phone using the bada OS. So far, the phone OS worked pretty well, very responsive touch screen. Now there are more things I still need to check more things out, but not bad, not bad at all. However, the GPS does not work right off. Took a… Read More