image by Rob Jackson

Last week I talked about how near 30% of current ebook owners would have bought the iPad if it had been available. Well, another study from arstechnica states that %4o of blackberry users will go to a smart phone when their contract is up.. Many of them going to the iphone.  Its pretty clear that the iphone/android offering is the future of the sophisticated hand-held market, but what is really of interest here is the massive rate of adoption.  And since neither Palm, or as far as I can tell, Microsoft is going to make a significant dent in the migration, we can see the two most dominate players the phone, tablet, non-PC device already shaping up.

So what does the mean to you?

Well basically, we are seeing the PC /Mac wars all over again, and just like last time, there will be those that like the warm fuzzies of a constrained but well thought out world of the iPhone vs the freedom, and pain that Android offers.  As the iPad and the Android/Chrome competitors get out into the battlefield, we can watch a grand battle.

Who will win?

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