car-keysAs of last week we finally have an in service self driving vehicle on the road, however the vehicle is a big rig. So unless you haul 18-wheelers, you are not going to get your freeway autocruise just yet.  However, now that we got trucks on the road, its only a matter of time before more states sign on board allowing autodrive for freeways and production cars coming out that can take advantage of it.  However, if you have a Tesla, you can already use an advanced cruise control that will speed up and slow down depending on traffic, basically letting you commute freeways or long non urban roads without touching the foot pedels.  Soon major update will be coming to the car that will enable auto steering.  If you do NOT own a Tesla, that does not mean you will not experience this soon.  You can rent one.  Or rent one of the newer cars coming out from a number of manufactures who will have the same type of autodrive.  In fact, freeway autodrive will be a premium rental option that I’m will be in high demand.

So dont blink people, the future is coming, and coming fast!

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