Image from gizmodo

Image from gizmodo

Not too impressed, but I cannot wait to see an actual game like in the Gear VR.  The quality could be a bit better, but still pretty good.  The NBA All Star video should be out in a few weeks so we are on standby.  REALLY looking forward to it though.

There are two videos, both just over a minute. The 3 point video has 3 guys, two collecting and feeding the ball, one doing 3 point shot exercises.  Hitting .. every… one.. by the way.  You are standing at the top of the key watching.

The second video is similar but instead you are shown some basics of the game.

The videos do a good job of putting you in the scene, but somehow it still felt like it could have better depth punch.  Could be I was looking at this after testing out 2 other CG Gear VR titles and I was expecting too much. Also, lighting seemed pretty general and its just some guys shooting, a game, with more action will be better.

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