kanji pebbleAfter living with my Pebble for awhile, I have found a few tips that have proven to save battery life on my Pebble.  For this post, I’ll break it down to 5 tips that should double your Pebbles battery life.

1) Turn the Pebble off when you are not using it. This may seem obvious but I’m surprised at the number of new Pebble users who do not even know HOW to turn the pebble off.  So in case you need to know how to turn off the Pebble; press the middle left button. Nav to ‘Settings’ and select.  Then Nav to ‘Shut ‘Down’.  If for whatever reasons your Pebble is stuck, you can press and hold the middle button for 10 seconds until it restarts.

2) Select a watchface app that does not update every second. I have a number of watchfaces loaded, but only 1 has the second hand.  This helps quite a bit because the update does not have to keep updating.

3) Do not have every notification under the sun going to your phone.  Aside from that being annoying, every time you get a notification, that take power for updating and running the vibration motor.

4) Try to keep your watch and phone near each other.  The further away the two devices are, the more power is needed when they communicate with each other.

5) Turn off Bluetooth when you have your phone out.  So say you are working at your desk and keep your out, then you have save quite a bit of Pebble battery by turning off bluetooth.  If you are using Andoid, you can even create a little script via Pebble Tasker (part of my Top 10 pebble apps) to turn bluetooth on when it detects movement.  Like when you pick your phone up off your desk.

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