2012 has been quite a year in tech, but things are still missing, and I have plenty of tech wishes for 2013.  I’m going to make my wishes doable instead of AGAIN wishing for a flying car for the everyday joe. So here is my list for for 2013 in no particular order.

  1. Improve existing HTML5 javascript and CSS libraries. I think famo.us is on to something when they did a full rewrite to achieved super fast 3D rendering without using a plugin.  I would like to see a concerted effort to optimise all core HTML5 libraries.
  2. Improved voice control.  Sure the release of Siri and Robin and other copy cats, we were really looking forward to AI like voice control.  Did not happen.  Shame.  But it just might this coming year.  Odds are pretty good Apple will release an iWatch and advanced voice control will be needed.
  3. A SMALLER iphone 5 socket adapter.  That is all.
  4. Reduced fragmentation of Android.  Ok, I may be reaching with this New Years wish. 😉
  5. Better batteries.  There is SOO much cool tech, and I do not mean just personal tech, like way smaller phones and laptops, but bikes, cars, heck even airplanes that would be massive games changes if we can just crack this problem.  Imagine we can do a 10x improvement in batteries.  Think of an electric car with a 500 mile range.  Costing LESS then a typical car. However, an electric ultralight plane.  Mmmmm
  6. Return of the convertible Tablet. I give both Apple and Microsoft credit for trying to add a keyboard to the tablet, but what I want is a full power PC that can convert to a tablet. Com’on guys.  Take the TC1100, shrink it, might it lighter and stronger and release it. Right now the only thing close is the Lenovo Yogo 11 but it is too underpowered.
  7. Improved wifi across the nation.  We should ALL have 4G.
  8. Digital Medical Records.  I cant believe we are heading into 2013 and the majority of health care system are not all Digital.  Really!  I think the savings would be massive.  And yet, here we are.
  9. Better social media filtering.  I guess this is a bit on me because I wrote a Twitter filtering system, TwittFilter,  a number of years back and have not really pushed to take it beyond a person project.  And I guess I could do it for Facebook as well, but as we all know, its hard to find time for things.  So I guess MY wish is to somehow find the time (or money) to build a unfiltered Twitter, Facebook, Google+ social media filter.  If you got $350k to spend on a new company, give me a call. 🙂
  10. Expanded 3D printing.  I love the speed 3D printing has been spreading, but missing is scanning.  We need a way to make it easy to scan an object so that we can reproduce or modify an object just as easy as 3D printing is becoming.
  11. A breakthrough in HMD’s.  We MIGHT already have that with the Oculus, but time will tell.
  12. Car to phone interface standard.  There should be an industry wide standard for all phones to interact with all cars using a standardized bluetooth protocol. Please include engine data and diagnostics while you are at it.

So that is my wish list for New Years 2013.  Anything I should add?  Let me know.

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