When I first saw the commercial for Microsoft’s surface, my first reaction, was ‘Ug’.  Why the hell are all these kids jumping around just because a keyboard was connected to a tablet?  Kind of like why when I drink a beer, tonnes of my friends and a bevy of hot babes do not suddenly come over to my house with pizzas and hoagies.  But that’s another post.

So I saw the commercial again tonight and it really struck home, especially after watching the iPad mini preview,’what the hell are they thinking  in the Microsoft marketing department?  There is NOTHING about this advert that makes me want to buy this device.  And that is one thing Apple always seems to get right.  I know what their device is going to do and why I want it.  With the surface, I guess the reason to buy is tonnes of peoples around me will suddenly jump into a choreographed dance.   Not sure if that is good or bad.

Each time I watch the commercial, I’m annoyed more and more.  And that’s too bad.  Because kinds of like Palm’s epic fail with the creepy girl, you only get one shot when you trying to catch up from behind.  And this commercial is strike 1.



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