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The great (slate) Tablet war moves to the next stage as expected.  The first player on the scene the JooJoo, which used to be known as the CrunchPad, was the first to enter the battleground.  I expect to see it again this coming week at the #CES show in Las Vegas, but already they are being dismissed as YAS (yet another slate) before the main players have even hit the scene.  The good thing is people are not using the term tablet but instead Slate, which is more accurate from this Tablet users perspective.

We all know about the iSlate, and although there are hopes for ‘sneak peaks’, during CES, it is all but certain that we will get a full view Jan 26. Now there is growing rumors that Google will have their own tablet using a variable of Android. The latest word from Mashable is HTC will help build it. That makes sense too. Rumers are also moving around about the device running an AT&T using 3G.  Sure that makes sense.  We know the iSlate is going to that direction.  Although AT&T?  Why not t-mobile or Verizon?  Either way, the business model for the web slate will be the same as with phones.  High price if you want it unlocked, much cheaper if you by a plan. Also, I have a feeling the kindle and Amazons reader will need to step it up.  I never thought those things were worth it because the hardware was just too limited for the price.

Soo..  Where is Microsoft?  Are they going to let these two leaders in mobile tech fight it out to define the battlefield and then swoop in taking the part of the market they want?  In the past, this could have worked for Microsoft. This time, no way.  The speed at which not only technology, but the application of technology to the user is advancing so fast, that you cannot simply through money at the problem. The only known product, the Courier, that is even rumored by Microsoft seems to still be in Vaperware status as seems to miss the mark from a design and spec point of view.

Still, this is the year of the Slate.  The impact will be far greater then just selling new hardware, but will change how those in media will target slate users.

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