Although I yet to have kids of my own, I would want to give them a fun introduction into science.  The iPad seems like the perfect medium to deliver and thus to no surprise; a number of little scientist apps have come out.  However, this is the first one that looks like it going to be a collection of many experiment that your kids can try and hopefully get excited about science.

I have not tried this, it simply appeared in my email box.  I checked out the vid and it seems pretty good.  I’ll embed the vid at the end of the post.  The following is from the promotional email.  If anyone tried this with children or know of other like apps, please let me know.

Welcome to the Fun Science Lab, a place to play and experiment!
Made for children ages 5+, Fun Science Lab is an educational app that is meant to give kids a fun way to learn some basic principles of science, through a set of 9 unique “experiments” (mini-games). Each experiment has a unique theme, such as electricity, water, heat, etc., and three difficulty levels. Fun Science Lab encourages kids to interact with the different elements in each experiment, giving them a valuable learning experience that keeps them engaged and ignites their curiosity.


  • 9 unique experiments, each with an individual theme
  • Themes: Weight, Liquids, Gas, Heat, Pendulum, Colors, Electricity, Sound, Magnets
  • Each experiment has 3 difficulty levels, with instructions to help guide you through each one.
  • To complete each level, you must accomplish a task or answer a question correctly.
  • Every completed level is rewarded with a medal and recorded in the Collection Book. Try to collect all the medals!
  • The objects and tools in the experiments can be broken if used incorrectly. This will give children a sense of caution and safety that must be practiced in a real lab.
  • When an object is broken, three pieces of a puzzle will appear in the Book of Destruction. Figure out which objects can be broken and collect all the pieces to the puzzles!

**This app is CHILD-FRIENDLY: No advertisements, in-app purchases, or private data collection.

Our updates in the future will include new experiments and levels.

Website App Description Page

Zonkey Interactive is a new kids app developer, starting in early 2012. Fun Science Lab was our first project, but we are working on a couple more apps that will be released in the next couple months. Our goal, like many other children’s app developers, is to make quality products for kids and families to enjoy. More specifically, we are focusing on making educational apps that kids can have fun with and learn something from. Below are our contact links.
Twitter: @zonkeyapps

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