If you did not watch the Cobert Report last night you missed a pretty good segment with the iPad.  Yes he got one.  So I decided to grab a few jokes and post them up.  However, to really appreciate this bit, you need to watch the video.  Video at the bottom of the post..

The following is a not a TRUE transcription, I just wrote these down quickly.

  • Never mind how I got it.. I had two kidneys.  luckily there’s an app that filters urine.
  • <shows a magazine>..Newsweek liked it so much, they made it their first non Obama cover in 15 months. … This is like a full page cover add the Apple did not have to pay for, unlike the Amazon Kindle … on the back. … Ooo look! It has both black AND gray!

  • Now if you have an iPhone you will already be familiar with it; the same touch screen, the same apps.  And like the iPhone, you cannot make a call with it.  <- My favorite
  • ..its does email, you have the web browsing.. you can shade you eyes from the sun.. And look just how quickly it makes delicious salsa!

..and folks I gotta tell you.. I’m not the only one that should be excited.. look under your chairs!!  EVERYONE GET A picture of me holding my ipad!!

Ahh.. the fun and silly..  So go to Colbert Nation and watch the video.  Really.  If you read this far, you will enjoy it.

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Stephen Gets a Free iPad
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