I was reading a rant on Gizmodo by Jesus Diaz , talking about buying ‘sexy screen wash’ and it started me thinking, who buys this stuff??  I mean it’s pretty obvious it’s crap because it’s in the Apple Store. Now once we get a rating system in place (my proposal here) then we may see a bit more truth in advertising, but if people are willing to buy junk like this (unless you a reporter, then hey, a story is a story) then a clear business model has appeared.  Get a bunch of videos or pics of cute/sexy girls (or guys) and make an iphone app out of it. Done.  I KNOW I’m not the first to realize this nor talk about it, but sooner or later more and more ‘porn – ish’ stuff will make it to the iphone, and the race is on.   Feh.

Here is some of Jesus’s article.  Read the rest on Gizmodo.

What the hell is this crap? Here I was hoping for an app that would let me move a girl while I clean the iPhone’s screen and all I get is a crappy menu that connects to the web to serve crappy movies? Are these people stupid? This application is so lame and pathetic that I’m not even putting a link here.

… and neither will I.

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