This just came through the wires via Cnet..

Marking a departure from the world of iPhone, HTC’s new Android-based Hero phone will also come with the ability to handle Flash elements that adorn many Web sites and powers YouTube video.

Adobe Systems announced on Wednesday that its Flash Player will be built into the HTC phone, an important step in the company’s efforts to spread Flash to mobile phones. The phone, one of several from HTC to use Google’s open-source operating system, is scheduled to ship in Europe starting in July and in Asia and North America later in the year.

Now, this is going to be mostly AS2 V9 instead of A3 V10, but still, I used to write some great stuff in As1 V6, so that is plenty of capability as far as I’m concerned.  I have the GoogleIO HTC, so as soon as I can, I’m going to upgrade the OS and started testing out various sites as well as some of my own apps!

… oh, and flash coming to the iPhone…. (sound of crickets)

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