Yes, AGAIN, PdaNet to the rescue.  At the 140tc conference today, the wireless was in and out.  I needed to do some updates to twittfilter and the FTP updates failed because of the wireless. I then gave up on the wireless and pulled out the trusty PdaNet app.  Here is a hint though, if you need to use FTP, be sure to turn off your firewall, it gets into the way. This is only in emergency,  you  should set an exception in your firewall. I did this later.  Now the cool thing… I did not know I could use BOTH the iphone and my laptop when pdanet is running.  This is useful because I was updating some codes that were for twittfilter on the iPhone!  Sweet.

Yes, I know, it seems like every conference I go to, wifi fails, and I have to use PdaNet, and I write about each time.  Well, as it should be.  When you are spending the day at an event and NEED access, you would keep writing about it too.

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