I cannot count the number of times I’ve heard of useful and cool apps rejected from the Apple store for ‘typically’ stupid reasons, and when I heard about ‘baby shaker’ getting through, all I could do was shake my head and think, how did a sick tasteless app like this get through?  Well, it took 2 days, but now its pulled.  At first I was quite happy to see this trash removed, but then I stepped back and started to think about it..

This is tasteless and offensive to be sure. But where is the line?  Some apps were pulled in the past because of sexual images or foul language. However, who are the guards here?  And who is guarding the guards? Much less offensive apps have been blocked before and yet this made it out.

I wonder if we need a rating system like we have with films.  Not sure if that is the answer, but we need something better then what we have now. I’ve always thought the rating system we use on games to be bit dodgy, but again, nothing better has been proposed, and its workable. Now how would the app store use such a rating system? Perhaps when a parent buys an iphone for their child they can set some sort of filter?

Course, the question is; a sick app like baby shaker.. what would it rate? One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. I can see quite a few people who think this is hilarious.. A part of me thinks, well they should have this if they want it. … Mixed feelings.

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