iphonecamI’m not sure what I would use this for, but hey, you never know, I’m sure someone out there will find it useful, and thus… to posting!!

This comes from ‘Hack n Mod‘ a very cool site. It’s pretty easy actually, here are the steps from the site..

  1. On your iTouch/iPhone start up i-c-livecams.
  2. In the private icons section select your iPod or iPhone’s name. (Ex: my ipods name is “Matt’s ipod”)
  3. Choose “Add a new WebcamXP Camera”
  4. Fill in your IP address and your port with the correct information from the web/broadcast tab on WebcamXP. You can name your camera anything you want, if you set a username and password on Webcam XP then also fill in the correct information.For example: Name: Living Room Host or IP address:  port: 80 Camera #: 1

If all of the information you provided on i-c-livecams was correct you should now be online and watching the live feed on your ipod or iphone.

Cool eh?  The orginal post has more information so I recommend you go there and check it out.  Now… what the heck would I use it for?  Perhaps if I had a kid I would keep a camera on at home so I can check out my kids at any time… if I had any kids. 🙂

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