iphone-3-new-1Ok, a joke there.  The fact it was jailbroken so quickly is quite impressive. I would have figured early summer, but the proof code is out there.  Course, Apple has some language in the SDK agreement saying that you will NOT contribute to jailbreaking efforts.  This will not stop the jailbreaking, but does give the lawyers another arrow for the quiver.

From the QuickPwn site:

The Russian hacker Vortex has once again released an unofficial jailbreak at iPhoneApps.ru. I tried it on my iPod Touch with firmware 3.0 beta 2 and it works!

I have not tried it myself because I have not had the time to mess with 3.0, so I cannot confirm or deny it myself. However, Vortex is active and I’m usually inline to buy what comes from him. Normal warning in place of course, do this at your own risk, etc…  Also, remember, you have to reload everything when you do a fresh jailbreak.

Will be interesting when 3.0 is released how long a consumer friendly version will be out.

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