stanza2I wrote about this last week, how I did not care much for the kindle reader, and cared less about amazon crashing on me. (still have not determined the problem yet… been busy). It felt slow and a touch klunky. It crashed the first time I loaded it.  From what I read, the time is takes to actually read, going page to page is not that great either.

But I thought I would write a few quick words on what I do like.  The Stanza.

Whats great about this little app is .. well everything actually.  You can search, book, magazines, newspapers.   They have a great only library of over 100k books.  I was able to find ‘outliers’ for 9.99, although I was not able to find ‘The Difference Engine’. Read the Times, BBC, Wired etc.. and started reading ‘the time machine’ which is a sample book that comes with the app I believe.  Although I did find it odd finding the ‘tipping point’ in the category of Fictionwise.  Perhaps Fictionwise is not all fiction.

Navigation is simple enough..  The right side of the page advances, the left goes back a page and then center is the menu. Landscape/Portait switching is clean and pages load fast. Now, I cannot imagine there are as many books availble through Stanza as Amazon, but I can say this. I will check Stanza first, and then consider buying the book before I buy through kindle.  As least for now.


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