A few days back I wrote a post asking.. are there clues to what we can hope to see, and expect to see, in 3.0 that has proven successful in the jailbreak world. I took my top ten list and looked at the odds of each app coming to 3.0. Now keep in mind that they did not talk about everything, and we will not see 3.0 till summer. Lets see how we did….

from cnet

from cnet

10. WinterBoard (iphone pimping)
My Guess: We should see some sort of customizing through the store.
Press release: Nada. Not a thing mentioned.

9. Unix Tools Mobile Terminal, openSSH
My Guess: Not going to happen.
Press release: Not going to happen.

8. Cycoder (Video Recording), 7. Qik (realtime video)
My Guess: There would be something in the sdk to allow apps.
Press release: Nothing said, but I’m not going to call it a no just yet. Still more to be seen with the SDK.

6. ClearCam
My Guess: I gave it really long odds that Apple would do anything in software to improve the camera.
Press release: Nothing mentioned.

5. Clippy (cut and paste)
My Guess: It will be there.
Press release: Its there. Finally! And from the screenshot I get for cnet, it looks pretty good. I’ll write a separate post on this feature later.

4. IntelliScreen
My Guess: 51% will not be there, but push notification will be
Press release: Not there, but push is, in a very limited fashion. Just too resource intensive.

3. PdaNet (tethering)
My Guess: 51% No. At&T will not have it.
Press release: Nope. No tethering.

2. Categories
My guess: Yes, they will have it
Press release: No. Instead, they have a search for application via text search box. How weak it that? FAIL Apple.

1. SBSetting
My guess: As much sense this would be to have, I hoping no, just because I’m selfish and do not want to lose SBSetting.
Press release: Nada. I’m happy and still give Apple a FAIL. What? I can do both.

So there you go kiddies. I will be digging around more between now and summer on 3.0. And of course, watching for jailbreak. There is nothing in 3.0 (well perhaps the turn by turn directions) that excites me enough to lose my jailbreak apps.

One note though.  Something we could do in jailbreak (although I do not use it) is push (like) chat and other notifications. Apple now has this in the SDK, and a few dev’s that were granted early access to the SDK demo’ed push functionality. ESPN I think had the best example using scores and major announcement updates.