I really like SimCity for the iphone.  I think they did a great job, esp with the UI.  I still enjoy and lose far more time then intended playing it.  However, there are a number of things that just really piss me off.  Ok, so EA, if you are reading this, take notes..  Beginning rant…. NOW


5)  When I read a petitioner, do NOT dump me back to the map.  What if I want to read another one?  Give how many of those things that build up, its really annoying to have to keep nav’ing back threw the menus.

4) No rotation.  Man, that really bugs me that I cannot rotate the map.  I would think this would not be all that hard.

3) It is really hard to build a road across the river sometimes… well actually, almost all the time.  Normally I get one shot to build across the river.. 2 if I’m lucky.

2) Its even HARDER to put power-lines across.  I started a new city, because my original one keeps crashing, and I cannot build a power-line cross the river anywhere!!  I have to now build two power plants.

and the number ONE issue…. yup you guessed it

1)  The app still crashes!  I have a city that I load.  Wait a few min and then crash.  Gezzz…

Now I realize this app is really pushing the iphone and I’m sure EA will get this sorted, but really!!


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