Ok, its been a week now and everyone has been dealing with the crashes.  Seems to happen when switching between map and selecting something to build, either a structure or land zoning.  Best fix.. and you will not like it.. reboot your phone. Yup, sorry, only good solution.  What this does is make sure there is enough headroom for the app to operate.  Like windows used to be in the old days (and perhaps again with Vista?) the longer the OS is running, the less stable it becomes.  The 2.x OS is the same way. So after MANY trials and fails, I found that rebooting is the only solid way to made sure you will get a good hour of play time in.  Also, make sure you save every now and again.  Sometimes on a crash it will remember your last state, sometimes not. Don’t take a chance.  When you finish a major build. Get into the habit of saving right off.

You’ll thank me later…. Or not depending on how much time you are waiting on this app. 🙂

BTW, I’ve been looking around for other cheats, no luck.. Only to these two seem to work..

  • i am weak = Construction costs set to $0
  • pay tribute to your king = All extra rewards

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