Except for a few that really makes me feel embarrassed to even be in the same stands with them.

Now this is not a comment on the game today, in fact if you want to read someone who knows what he’s talking about, read hughbauns blog.

Today Cal played its opener against Mich St. Was not a great game on either side of the ball, but ave for high level college football. The crowed was loud when it needed to be and especially towards the end when Mich St. drove to tie to the game in 4th, we really stepped it up.

However, this season we have a bit of a QB controversy.  Nate Longshore, who was starting QB last year, did not start today. Now I’m sure this is not the only reason, but last year, a bit halfway through the season, where for 15min we were No.1, Nate hurt his anckel. Nate being a pocket passer was not the same again. Esp. going into the 4th where he would seem to simply get tired and lose accuracy on his throws and make some poor decisions.  Basically the last half of the 2007 Cal football season is something I try not to think about.

So Kevin Riley starts today.  He’s slow to warm up, and boy was he. Little more then six min left in the 2ed, Tedford sends Longshore in…. to a mixure and cheers and boo’s. 

<start rant> WTF??  First play, he nails a 50yard pass.  Oh, now everyone is his friend.  Ball inside the 10, he throughs an interception.  Here comes the boo’s.  Next we get the ball, mixure of boos again and a few people (esp a douche behind me) was yelling Riilleyy..  Riillleyy.  He has 2 kids and they were copying him!  NO CLASS!  On the next set of possessions, a few good plays and then throws another interception.  Now the boos are full force and the Riilleyy calls get loader.

Really… All I could do was just shake my head but I was holding myself back from turning around and letting this guy know just how classless this was.  I’m not a big longshore fan, and last season when I would see longshore starting the game I was pretty much writing it off. But still, this is just a kid! How does this help the team?  How does this make Cal a stronger team?  What if Riley gets hurt?  Do we boo on every play now?

Fehhh.   </rant>

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