… and a bunch of nothing.  Yea, the browser seemed a touch faster, but that is a cleared cache affect. I live on the edge of service so what I was looking for is a stronger and more stable 3G browsing experience. Well, first impression is that it’s the same.  I’m going to leave it… Read More

Sigh.. Ok, another rant on why I regret going to the new iphone.. <rant> During a phone call, quite often the keypad will be displayed and active.  So I will be talking and either I hear beeps, mostly the key “2” or the other phone pad will show up and I’ll brush against the mute… Read More

Everyone has been talking about it, and I’m one of those guys who can personally attest, the iphone 3G is just not as good as the first one. I’ve ranted about this before, and have even stopped using the 3G because it is simply not worth the hassle. Well, seems like we may get a… Read More

A few posts ago, I talked about the unhappy discovery that the car charger I have been using with my first iphone, does not work with the iphone3G. I placed a few links on replacements included the one in the image. Here’s the deal folks. I ordered it a bit ago, got roped into buying… Read More

I’m getting sick of this and so are others. Basically, the phone has been working well enough, but when I’m in an area of weak reception, like where I live, I seem to drop calls.  With 3G on, I drop them even more.  So the fix? Turn off 3G.  Keep it off unless you need… Read More

Well, it could be because you have a defective phone! Yes, it’s possible. Keep in mind that as much as Apple tried to insure the manufacturing process is 6 sigma, there will be fails. I think Intel has the best QA record. Will check on that. A friend of mine, and a few other blogs… Read More

12 of them actually. Usually when I see these things, I know most of them. On this list, I only knew about 1/2 of them. Therefore, this is well worth sharing. http://www.ismashphone.com/2008/08/iphone-tricks.html Home buttons tricks from the same source.. I knew about these. 🙂 http://www.ismashphone.com/2008/08/home-button-iph.html… Read More

This did not take long.. My phone is still running fine, however I’ve heard from a friend that his phone has become unstable. Basically he is getting random crashes using the phone during calls, playing games, using downloaded apps.  From what I gathered during a long email exchange, the problem SEEMS to be in how… Read More

iPhone OS update 2.0.1 came out today. So being a risky kind a guy, I installed and tested and here are my results. First off, as an winXP user, and full itunes hater (is it slow or did it crash again), I had to wait FAR too long for the download. Ave 650byte/s. Hey, I… Read More

iphonebarcamp. Fun. Yes. Regrets? I have a few, but then again, too few to mention. Well, I’ll mention two. I did not get as involved in the camp as I should have, and I forgot about an afternoon beach party. 🙁 If you have never been to a dev camp, (whatever the technology) it basically… Read More

This is something I did not even think to check till driving into iphonebarcamp today. The iphone 3G would not charge on my car charger. FTW? Well, seems like it’s a common problem and here is the reason, the pin that normally accepts power for firewire is no longer connected. Here is the quote from… Read More

{update} Now with the 3.0 update, you can tether with a bit more ease.  More here.. This is interesting. I read in justanotheriphoneblog.com that an app appeared briefly, then disappeared, and now has reappeared. Kinda like a Quark I guess. Anyway, at the time of this writing, it’s still there so you may want to… Read More

Ok, so after my rant on the new iphone, lets see what we have here. In my previous post. ‘ New iphone?? Ok, get these.. ‘ I listed off some of the apps I had on the iphone. Well, now that I have the new iphone, and I have not installed jailbreak yet.. ..a thought… Read More

And why does it sux? Is it the fact that the screen has this faded yellow shade to it? Naw, I can get used to that. I’m sure they made it warmer to extend battery life. A hack will come along to resolve it. Is it the fact that all those cool programs from 1.1.x… Read More

This post is more for a friend of mine, but what the heck.. ok, assuming you already jailbroke your phone, and have the app installer in place, let get some kewl stuff. IntelliScreen. I wrote about this app before. Its sweet. SMBPref. MUST have. Get this first in fact. Althoght I use the blueprint theme,… Read More

WOW 2 posts in one day?? Must be the heat. Ok all you iphone users… get this now.. http://www.intelliborn.com/IntelliScreenFAQs.html Here are the instructions.. 1. In Installer.app, choose the Sources tab 2. Choose “Edit” and then add http://intelliborn.com/repo. 3. Goto Install tab, and choose the Intelliborn category, and Install IntelliScreen This is still rough, and there… Read More