A few posts ago, I talked about the unhappy discovery that the car charger I have been using with my first iphone, does not work with the iphone3G. I placed a few links on replacements included the one in the image.

Here’s the deal folks. I ordered it a bit ago, got roped into buying a few ‘the bad plus’ CD’s but that is another post. Anyway, I bought this for under 5 bucks and it works. It has a cheap feel, but thats ok. What do you want for five bucks? Now I have not tried the cigarette lighter part yet, so I’ll up date when I do that.

{update} Grr… put the car adapter in and it charged…. for 1 sec! Then died. Well, I will try to get it replaced, else, time to crack it open and get the soldering pencil.

{update 2} Sigh, now the power supply is not tripping over to apply voltage.  I checked and its still putting out 5V, but the phone is not accepting the power. Hmmm… The cable still works, so its still worth the money. But this is getting odd.

{update 3} I was sent a package from the ‘MyNewDeals’. Everything seems to work great.  More here.

What I like about this package is that not only do you get the car charger, which you can use for anything else you need to recharge via USB, but an extra wall socket plug and the cable retracts. Basically, an overall great traveling compliment for the iphone.

Also for the perhaps 1 out 1,000,000 people who even think about these things, the cigarette lighter also accepts 24v which is useful if you plan to use those common off the shelf 12v solar panel rechargers. Really good for keep your car or bike charged if you do use it that often. I bicycle and walk a lot. 🙂