I know I said I was not going to bother upgrading to 2.2, but the geek blood that flows just cannot resist trying it out and seeing what will happen. That and I feel this certain journalistic responsibility to find out for my readers… (hope this feeling goes away soon ūüôā So I thought I… Read More

There are a number of posts out there saying that jailbreak or pwn’ing does not work on the new macs. Well, its not the new Macs per say, but seems to be the new version of iTunes.¬† ..from¬†iPhoneOverdose The problem is that the Mac does not recognize the iPhone when it restarts on how DOMs,… Read More

I never thought this would happen, but ZodTTD submitted his port of Quake to the Apple store yesterday. Now we still do not know if Apple is going to let this in or not (highly unlikely) but we will all be watching.¬† I have Quake on my jailbroken iphone and its pretty good. It takes… Read More

Still not going to upgrade till 2.2 has lived in the wild for awhile. Once it seems stable, then I’ll do it. http://iphonegeekclub.blogspot.com/search/label/Pwnage… Read More

Yup. Go get it Windows users! Supports 2.1 firmware with the unlocking¬†and jailbreaking of¬†iPhone 1st generation (2G) device. Supports the jailbreaking of¬†iPod Touch 1st generation device and¬†iPhone 3G. Your device will need to be upgraded to 2.1 ( using iTunes 8 )¬† before running this application. It does NOT support the unlocking of iPhone 3G… Read More

When I jailbreak my iphone, here are the first 5 apps I install¬†straight¬†off. ¬† 1) Unix tools (esp. SSH and Terminal) . ¬†If you have to ask, you do not need it 2) Videorecoder – The only bummer is this app does not work on 2.1 right now. I use QIK for now. Its curious… Read More

This is something to take into account when upgrading to 2.1¬† Some of my jailbroken apps do not seem to work correctly. Videorecorder3G does not load at all and IntelliScreen seems spotty at best. I may have a conflict, (I have a feeling it could be Categories; although the jury is still out on that)… Read More

I’m not sure if the interwebs pipes are stuffed, but bittorrent is having a tough time finishing my file.. ¬†So I did a bit of searching and found this link.. http://www.iphone-hacks.com/downloads/file/146 I still have to double check the bitsum, so you should double check too.… Read More

I’m really getting sick of how the phone will sometimes lock the screen on me after a phone call, forcing me to reboot. ¬†I’ve complained about this I do not know how many times. ¬†Almost enough that this morning I thought, perhaps I will sacraficed my jailbreak apps just to fix it. ¬†ANNNDDD.. They already… Read More

Gezz. ¬†I was taking a¬†causal ¬†look at community feeder and found this article… iTunes 8.0 iPhone Jailbreak Detection Thwarted from iphoneFAQ web site. Basically, what they are trying to do is force a compromised sync (perhaps sync lock in the future?) if jailbreak is detected. Give me a break. I’m soooo grateful that I almost… Read More

I have not tried it, but the read is good. ūüôā aaannd here is the link. I did not see anything to make me change the jailbreak I already have, but here is new in 2.5 – QuickPwn Support for 2.0/2.0.1/2.0.2 – Root partition resize support – Installer support – Basic / Expert modes -… Read More

There are a number of cool apps for a jailbroken phone that you cannot get via the app store, although most of them are not working on the 2.0.x phones yet…¬† waiting…. However, even just for these 3 apps/functions, its worth it. 1) Record video.¬† The quality is not that great, normally around 15 fps,… Read More

When I first got the 3G, I decided to hold off on jailbreak till it was out for awhile and hopefully most of the bugs worked out. Now I’m not saying its as clean as some of the jailbreaks 1.0.2+, but the 2.0.2 pwn’s are starting to look good.¬† After reading near 100 comments, I… Read More

A number of friends are getting iphones and I’m starting to hear the same questions come up, so here is a quick list of questions and answers How do I sync this thing? You need to have itunes. Sorry, no way around this.. and i have been looking. However, I would recommend getting this application.… Read More