This week Layar, the mobile augmented reality platform, announced on their blog the launch of the Layer Player. The Layar Player is a unique piece of code that can be embedded directly within your own iPhone app. Yes, seems it only is available for iPhone apps. Nice thing is there are no licensing costs and… Read More

It was only a matter of time. You can already control your TV (with ComCast) through  the iPad, and HULU has been doing this for a year.  This is not a breakthrough as much as an indication that cross platform media is going to be more and more common place. Comcast Corporation today announced plans… Read More

Just got an iPad eh?  But did not get the 3G version?  Thats ok right? Just connect to WIFI.  But if you do have has WIFI when your travel?   Well, there’s an iPhone app for that.  Jailbroken of course. I wrote about using GPS on your ipad a few months back.  To use GPS you… Read More

Saw this poster for the Black Eyed Peas and it didn’t work. As an augmented reality developer and fan of BEP, I had to fix this. Here is the video I made of Augmenting the Black Eyed Peas Time. Android apps used in this example are Google Goggles and Junaio from Metaio.… Read More

Umm.. No. Not yet.  For those of you who follow my blog know I have up’ed my AT&T contract in the last two years, instead choosing to live me my 3G and borrowing other phones when I need to test stuff.  I also have a Verizon Droid, the Samsung BADA phone and a (hahah) piece… Read More

Oh I.. cannot.. .wait.. As seen on Gizmodo, Google is about to release a 3D maps app, Maps 5.0,  for Android that is vector based!  How sweet is that?  For those of you who do not know, vector based graphics are images created by drawing shapes and lines based on instructions instead of raster graphics… Read More

Got a cool iphone / Android / Palm / Windows / Apple Newton app?  Have a cool idea for an app but need a reason to get off your rear and finish it?  Well check this out.. FREE ENTRY FOR 3 DEVELOPERS As of today we just launched a Twitter competition offering waived application fees to 3 talented… Read More

First off, any Trojan is a bad Trojan. However, there is something off about this story.  I’m not saying its wrong or we should ignore this story, but there were a few things that kinda of bothered me. First off, who in world would call a trojan file ‘“Trojan-SMS.AndroidOS.FakePlayer.a”’ ???  I mean really.  That like… Read More

Wow. I’ve seen lots of crazy Linux ports, but full X11?  Wow. And the crazy thing is this is working on top of Android.  So once they get this stable, you can realize a full on computer on your phone. You can find more on NexusOneHacks. net Check out the video below.… Read More

Yes, just as we were starting to get used to the idea of a 1 gig processor in our phones, there is already rumor of a 1.5 gig Android phone on the way. And again, rumor control, but mobileCrunch reported that a phone called the HTC Scorpion could be coming to Verizon that not only… Read More

Oh lets hope so.  Its total rumor, but I just read on that t-mobile will be updating 3G myTouch phones.  That COULD also mean the Google Ion I/O phones we got in 2009, aka, the Magic. For those of you who still have your Google Ions, it has been stuck at 1.6 forever just… Read More