Evenote LogoYeah. Evernote is pretty darn cool.  The only thing close is mobileNoter, but with mobileNoter you need MS OneNote to go with it.  Evernote is pretty cool as a stand along app and now with the release of 3.4, its gets cooler.  Most of the improvements are around the Audio features and functions, but there are other wins, and one Epic Win!

In case you didn’t know, they also have an Android version. Just as cool as the iphone, well mostly, but still, Evernote on the iPad is the best.

Here is what you get..

  • Select multiple images from your camera roll at once and add them to a single note or make multiple snapshot notes
  • Audio note recording limit increased to 90 min.  Really useful for presentations, events, lectures and interviews.
  • Audio recordings can now be played, paused and replayed from within the note
  • Audio note playback can be controlled via the dock player, headphones or other external controls.  (WIN)
  • Send PDF’s and text from Safari and Mail directly into Evernote via the “Open In” option
  • 3rd party developers can configure their apps to send PDF’s, images and audio into Evernote
  • Print notes directly from Evernote to a network printer ( EPIC WIN)

The app is free, and of course you need an Evernote account, but come on.. Its free and its great!  Get it!

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