microsoft-pebbleI’m sure you have seen the news.  Microsoft has a private beta out there for 48, now 24 hours, and then … well we do not know what will happen then.  However, the simple beta is mostly about getting bluetooth notification with Pebble to work.  Although this sounds pretty simple and not indicative of an effort on Microsoft’s side to make Windows phone work with Pebble, it would make a lot of sense and be consistent with what Microsoft has been doing for the past year as it tried to get Microsoft on all devices.

Microsoft does have there own line of ‘watches’ although they are more exercise bands then watches, but so far they have not gone full-in on the smartwatch market.  They may at some point, but that is not why I think Microsoft is going to try to get on the Pebble.  They want Microsoft everywhere. And right now, the Pebble watch works on the two major OS’s, iOS, and Android.  If Microsoft wants to be considered a major OS in the mobile market, its a bit of an embarrassment that they are not considered important enough that Pebble, maintaining its position as a major watch brand, is not included.  As such it would make sense for Microsoft phones to be able to use the Pebble watch as well showing they are a major player.

So for now, you can downloaded from a link provided by from their post. I have not tried it so proceed with cation.



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