iphone6Funny enough, a few days back I wrote a post on how I thought my iphone 4 looked small compared to my Samsung.  Too small in fact.  Sure I can still use it, but the difference is very noticeable.  Then later that even Mashable broke a story with leaks images of the iphone 6 that is suppose to come in two larger sizes.  I would bet they will only do 1 larger size. However according to Macrumers, these images are most likely fake.

Update: A few readers have pointed out why they believe these images to be fake: repeating textures, wrong font, copied texture.

The important point here is that there is a very good reason why Apple will make the iphone 6 larger.  Once you use a larger phone, its almost impossible to go back. It’s funny how my phone now looks ‘cute’.  I also think they will keep the current iphone 5s screen-size as well.  Not sure how they will deal with naming.

The only question now is; what size will the iphone 6 be?  I have been using the galaxy III for a awhile and the size is good.  I thought about getting a note and seeing if I can stretch it one more size up, but I’m already starting to hit the limits of my pockets for easy placement and retrieval. If I was going to place a bet, I would say it will be close to the 4.8 galaxy.  Well see as we get closer to a new phone.

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