Well we know its just a matter of time before we have a sub $100 tablet, but most of us expect it to be a race to the bottom for creating a tablet powerful enough to be useful, but only ‘just’ powerful enough.

Well break out the rumor books, looks like Google is pushing to bring out a $149 powerful tablet.  Yes, a fully functional tablet for less then $150 bucks.  It does make sense when you think of it.  Apple’s new ‘THE’ iPad is pushing to limits of how nice and powerful a tablet can be, and there is the race to the bottom for the cheapest and barely useable tablet, so it makes perfect sense that google wants to make sure the mid range tablet is an Android tablet specially considering the coming storm of demand for tablets in education.

Again, rumor control, but here is what I read onandroidandme.

What’s most surprising about the latest rumor is to hear that the target price has been lowered to $149 and that the quad-core Tegra 3 processor is out. I’m going to assume these two bits are related.

It sounds like Google wanted to undercut the Kindle Fire, so they lowered the bill of materials by going with a processor that was cheaper than Tegra 3. We heard similar stories last year that Amazon had originally chosen Tegra 2 to power the Kindle Fire, but they went with Texas Instruments’ OMAP4 at the last moment because they got a better volume deal.

So there you go.  I will be keeping an eye out and if someone can put a nice tablet in front of me for 150, yea, I may jump on it.