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Big Brands among first adopters of Twitter plus TV

There is a new type of internet TV out there.  Called xTV they focus on dynamic video content based on keywords or trending keywords on Twitter.  Imagine you could set up a TV feed on technology focusing on mobile devices and international news, and the latest from the auto industry.  The content is out there, its just impossible to find. xTV hopes to fix that by creating media center that does not try to appeal to the largest denominator which has given us gems like baby boo boo.  Also there is an enterprise play that allows corporations to create programming for waiting rooms, meeting room and even users screen savers.  “The world of enterprise media is exploding and as a result has been totally unmanageable.” Said Joe Ward, CEO of xTV . “Now we can put all this media back together in your own enterprise media network, so no matter where your viewers are, on a large screen TV, a screen saver on a PC or a tablet, xTV’s platform organizes all of your content into your own 24×7 enterprise media network.”

Press Release

October 15th, 2013., Redwood City, Calif.

xTV, a Silicon Valley based company pioneering the new .TV era, today announced the deployment of its Connected TV and Media Management platform, featuring some of the world’s best known brands.

The xTV platform enables organizations to build their own enterprise media network that organizes all of the enterprise video, social & breaking news into a Real-time TV experience where the viewers can lean back and watch content on a big screen or lean into their mobile device.

“We’re extremely proud to announce big brands such as Microsoft as our first major deployments onto the new platform” Said Joe Ward, CEO at xTV. “Iconic brands are now seeing exponential growth in their media assets, particularly on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. The xTV platform brings all these assets back together in one place where viewers can watch and engage with them in real-time.”

“One of the really cool things is all of these streams coming together—it’s your own TV channel” Said Matt Thompson, General Manager of Development at Microsoft in a CBS TV interview regarding xTV.

The platform and networks are live now and can be accessed through the xTV web site, xtv-inc.com


Twitter plus TV comes to the Enterprise

One of the most compelling capabilities of the new xTV platform, is the Real-time data experience. A network can define both video content and associated feeds that display on their network, just like the tickers and side screens on CNBC or CNN, except they are active and clickable. These feeds also make up a “second screen” experience whereby a viewer can both control the big screen from their smartphone, and display content relevant to what they are watching on the second screen. A twitter feed for example.

Organizations can also map Twitter #tags against the media network’s TV channels which can then be interacted with in Real-time using any smartphone.

“As Twitter and video are now exploding in the enterprise, our patent-pending Real-time Twitter plus TV experience will increase the level of engagement between a viewer and the brand network significantly” Said Mr Ward. “It’s a very compelling way for consumers, employees, investors, partners and others to engage with any brand.”


Archimedes Labs Announces Expansion Financing for xTV

In conjunction with this announcement, Archimedes Labs – the Palo Alto incubator founded by Kambiz Hooshamand and the TechCrunch co-founder Keith Teare – is leading a financing round to enable xTV to continue to develop networks and to enhance its offering.

“xTV has built a very impressive capability. I am not surprised to see these big brands wanting to embrace the concept. Much of the video produced has a short life in the context of a news led web site, but once placed into a branded network, the same content remains relevant and compelling for a far longer time. Add to this the “second screen” capabilities, and the promise of networks being deployed into the new generation of set top boxes, and xTV has a bright future, bringing video content and associated data feeds together with engaged viewers”, said Keith Teare.. “We’re really pleased to be on board with them and we’re sure we will be joined by other investors in this round of financing. It’s exciting to see the momentum the Company is building.”

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About xTV

xTV is the Next Generation Media Co. which delivers the platform to combine video assets with your realtime feeds to create a compelling way to experience your brand..

Founded in 2011 by Australian entrepreneur, Joe Ward, the company’s vision is to deliver any organization with the capability to lower the cost of content deployment and increase the consumption of their media by delivering a true, real-time, big and small screen TV experience, all without the need to install new devices or applications.


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