pebble watchSo its been just over 2 weeks (fortnight) that I’ve been using the Pebble constantly and here is what I have discovered.  Its VERY limited with my iPhone.  I’m sitting on 6.3.1 and have not bothered to jailbreak yet (been really busy lately) so the only thing that works is phone numbers, text and music control.  Surprisingly, just this is enough to make me glad I have the Pebble.

The basic promise of the Pebble is to get notifications on your watching from your phone.  Yes I cannot get alarm, nor calendar, nor email, nor many other things Android and jailbroken Pebble users have, but just these 3 functions alone have proven to be useful.

The primary use cases for me are when I’m driving or biking, in a meeting, and finally when I misplace my phone… which I do a lot.

When I’m sitting in a meeting, I take the watch off and place it on the table.  Then I set my phone on silent.  Not only can I keep on eye on time without looking at the phone, if there is a call or text, I can glance over and see what it is.  90% its something I can ignore till the meeting is over. Far less rude then those checking their phones every 15 min.

When I drive or I’m biking, if there is a call or a text, a quick glance will let me know if I need to deal with it or not.

And finally when I misplace the phone.  I do this a lot.  I try not to keep my phone in my pocket anymore then I need to.  A few days I was late to a meeting and had to run out of the house.  Could not find the phone.  So I pulling up music control and pressed play.  Then I just find where the music is coming from.  Sweet.

I know its not perfect.  Like I said, on the iPhone, the functionality is VERY limited if you are not jailbroken. It would be great if I could get calendar alerts, and rule based emails.  I would also like to use IFTTT so that I can get key tweets for breaking news.  But even with these limits, its still worth it.  And I do not feel like a dork waring it unlike say … Google glass which I consider the new crocks.  🙂

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