super monster bros app scamIf you have not seen the video already, I have placed it at the end of this post.  The game in question is Super Monster Bros by Adventure Time Pocket Free Games. This is a review from IGN, and its worth watching.  What is unbelievable about this is the cost of in app purchases.  Half of the characters at $99.99!!  WTF??  So if your 5 year old gets a hold of this, your are going to have some massive bills.  And never mind the fact this is ripping off Pokemon and Mario Brothers.  Its gets better. When you run out of ammo, you get a message; “Do you want to buy one 30 attack items for $0.99?.  Send this to an English major that you hate just for fun.

Everything in this game costs you. To unlock a level is $99.99!   At one point in the review, they got 4 pops ups asking for money to restart a level.  Gezz..  And finally, when you finish a level, it tried to take you to some gambling site or something I do not even know.

I agree with these guys at the end of the review.  Where are the Apple police?  How did this even get past review?  Not only is this app scam, its also blatant copyright infringement.


And here is the Video.


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