When I started messing around with a new MacBook Pro I was pretty impressed with it.  Light, fast and a much better user experience then some of my less powerful predecessors.  However there was one thing that bugged me. The power connector kept coming off. Now I’m pretty rough on my machines so I figured I just got a weak magnate or something. I then head to the Apple store and they are ALL like that.  Worse, the chord comes out from the side instead of the nice parallel connecter I had my older mac.   So every time I move something on the desk I always seem to lightly brush the chord and its disconnected again.  Grrr..   So I did a bit a research and found the solution.  Get a MagSafe adapter for $10 .

Yes this is not exactly a great solution, does not look pretty and pretty hacky give then is a Mac, the antithesis of hacking something together.  But it works.  I would bet that Apple will get the message and fix this at some point, but till then, time to MacGyver this bad boy.