It only took 10 min of trying SimCity Social to realize this is not for me. Perhaps because I’m a pretty hard core fan of the original game, this pop version is simply a turn off.  Perhaps if I was 8 years old… Naw, not even then.  Thats pretty harsh I know, but that just how I felt about it. And cheat codes, forget about it, at least for now.  Already removed it.  I can this being fun for other people so you should not read this as a bad review in general, because really, I never gave it a chance.  But for a facebook, game, it looks like a facebook game.  Clearly a lot of work went into this, but I think they went WAY to far to try to bring the social aspect into this, almost forcing it.  Further I did not find a quick way to stop the game from posting on my wall, and 10 min to the game they were already trying to get me to spend real money to buy upgrades or increase my revenue to explore some random event that was clearly designed to occur at a time when I did not have enough money in the city coffers.  Fail.  Clearly EA spent a lot of money on this and has to make up for it somehow, but I found this to be a big turn off.  But its free, so what the heck.

As for me, I continue to wait for SimCity2013.  I REALLY hope there are no forced social element in this game, so I can tell you they will not get my $60.

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