Well this is a treat.  Via reddit I checked out a preview of the new Microsoft.com preview website.  Its pretty clear they are all in with Metro, and also all in with 1 view from many devices as demonstrated by the use of dynamic media response.

{Update}  Seems they have this redirecting now.  Shame.

The design calls all the elements from Metro you would expect, simply bold colors, no shine, no shadows, everything has a smooth movement to it, simple Segoe font family.

“Metro” is based on the design principles of classic Swiss graphic design. Early glimpses of this style could be seen in Windows Media Center.  Now the new Microsoft webpage will be following these designs.  But what is really interesting to me is the dynamic media response (DMR).

If you remember, Peter Yard caused quite a stir when he proclaimed the death of adaptive design (as well as DMR by implication). Many people, myself included, thought that was a bit premature and somewhat nonsensical since DMR is just a tool in web design and construction. What this tells me is Microsoft is really trying to telegraph that is intends to make Windows 8 about phones, tablets as much as it is about laptops and PC with 32 inch monitors… as I’m using now.  Its a big gamble to design once, work everywhere, but MS is coming late to the game, so this makes sense.  They have to take long strides if they want to be relevant. And this preview design shows they are fully committed.

Funny thing, you try to load it with a Mac, and get a ‘you need silverlight’ error.  Fail.

Check out the image gallery. You can see a few screenshots at various sizes.

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