Sigh.  First the passwords from linkedIn, then eharmoney and today we find out passwords from may have been stolen.  Odds are pretty good that there are a few more sites out there that have had it list of passwords compromised and we do not know yet.. So guess whats its a good time to do?


Yes, I would strongly recommend coming up with a new set of passwords and go through as many of the key services you know of and change them.  It’s of course impossible to go to every site you have ever set up an account on, but it would be worth your time to change passwords on any site that has important personal information on you.

Also, if you get any email from any services asking your to update your information, DO NOT CLICK on the link the in the email.  Odds are pretty high its spoofed.  Here are some tips for your new passwords

First, do not use the same password for everything.  I have one password for through away accounts, another for that does not have much information on me, one for those that do, and unique passwords for each account that has high level of information, like my bank account for example.

Do not use password, or 12345 or anything simple like that.  If you have to use a word to remember something, choose a word that does not mean anything to anyone except you.  Miss spelling it and adding numbers is best.  For example, I have passwords that are from other languages but spelled incorrectly (as well as a few other memes).

DO it now.  I know its a pain, but better safe then sorry.  And again DO NOT CLICK on anything from email.  ONLY go to the site direction in a NEW WINDOW!

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