I could be wrong, but I think with the Pebble Smart watch,  we are looking at the most successful kickstarter project I have seen, not that I have seen lots of kickstarter projects.  Not only did these guys raise enough money to start the company; after being rejects by plenty of VC’s BTW, they are already selling out and having to limit orders.  And just to be GGG’s they have added bluetooth 4.0 support.  Nice!   Here is the announcement.

Bluetooth 4.0 – inside every Pebble!

All Pebble watches will support Bluetooth 2.1 (as before) as well as Bluetooth 4.0 (Low Energy)

Here are the details:
– Bluetooth 4.0 is the latest Bluetooth standard
– It’s backwards compatible and works with all phones for which we originally pledged to support
– Please view this as our efforts to Future-Proof Pebble for our Kickstarter backers
– Bluetooth 4.0 is not a magic battery extender.
– We probably won’t enable Bluetooth 4.0 at launch, but we’ll turn it on with software at a later date (via a free upgrade)
– Our main goal in adding Bluetooth 4.0 is eventual support of wireless sensors like heart-rate and cadence (for cycling)
– It will probably not make your watch or phone battery last too much longer, but we’ll see what we can do!
Please note that we’ve been planning this addition to Pebble for a while. We made sure that the Bluetooth module that we’re using had a ‘drop-in’ upgrade option to BT 4.0. We’ve already placed a large order for the 4.0-enabled module, and it will have no effect on our timeline (hint: that’s what Update 9 was 1/2 about!).

We’re limiting Kickstarter rewards to 85,000 Pebbles 

Just wanted to let everyone know that our current plan is to limit the total number of Kickstarter rewards to around 85,000 Pebbles. As soon as the total exceeds that, all rewards will change to being ‘sold out’. Right now you have claimed 75,000 watches, that leaves only 10,000 more before Pebble is sold out!

We’ve thought a lot about this decision, and we feel it’s time. You, our backers, were the first group of people to believe in Pebble, and we want to return our focus to creating the most awesome watch possible for you.
Pebble will be available eventually for $150 USD from www.getpebble.com, but the expected delivery date will be well after the ship date of all Kickstarter backers.

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